Let the experienced professionals at Power Steam Carpet Cleaners take care of your residential home and commercial business carpet cleaning needs. Vacuuming your carpet regularly takes care of surface dirt but it is the dirt and debris caught deep down in the fibers of your carpet that contributes to allergies and illness especially for family members who are already suffering from asthma and other breathing related issues. The experts are Power Steam Carpet Cleaners can provide your home or business with a superior level of carpet cleaning using state-of-the-art truck-mounted hot water extraction equipment along with specialized cleaning products to ensure that your carpets are clean and sanitized. If you are looking for a premium residential and commercial carpet cleaning service at a reasonable price in North Hollywood, California and the surrounding areas, you need look no further than the knowledgeable professionals at Power Steam Carpet Cleaners.

Residential Carpet Cleaning for Your Home

At Power Steam Carpet Cleaners, our expert carpet cleaning technicians use the best cleaning equipment on the market to ensure that the carpets in your home are clean, sanitized and deodorized. Our truck mounted hot water extraction system is specially designed to clean and remove even the most stubborn stains as well as ground in dirt and debris. Our carpet cleaning specialists will use specialized cleaning solutions to pre-treat stains before using hot water extraction to completely remove all traces of dirt and bacteria. Our carpet cleaning process consists of three steps, a thorough pre-inspection of your carpets, and a pre-treatment of stains and professional steam cleaning followed by a post-inspection to ensure our customers are 100% satisfied with our quality cleaning services.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning for Your Business

As a family owned business in the local community, we understand how important it is to present a business environment that is clean and visually appealing to your clients. We also understand that your carpet is an investment and while appearance is important so is protecting your investment. At Power Steam Carpet Cleaners, we design carpet cleaning and maintenance plans that are customized to the requirements of your business. Our skilled carpet cleaning specialists are trained to access your commercial carpets and pay special attention to high traffic areas to ensure that the life of your carpet is extended. Our quality deep cleaning protocols are also designed to make our regular carpet cleaning quicker and much more effective. At Power Steam Carpet Cleaners we use professional-strength carpet deodorizers that are designed to neutralize stubborn odors and eliminate them completely to leave behind fresh clean carpets.

Carpet Protection

Other services include carpet protectants that are designed to ensure that your residential or commercial carpets resist dirt, accidental spills and the daily wear and tear of everyday traffic. Our multi-faceted carpet protectants act a barrier around each carpet fiber making it difficult for dirt and liquids to penetrate. Our carpet protection services are just one of the many ways we can extend the life of your carpet, protect your business assets and provide a pleasant atmosphere for your staff and customers.

Professional Steam Carpet Cleaning in North Hollywood, California

Contact the experts at Power Steam Carpet Cleaners today to learn more about our residential home and commercial carpet cleaning services. From residential homes and apartments to offices, retail space and showrooms, big or small, we have your carpet cleaning requirements covered. Our services include one-time cleaning and maintenance plans that are customized to fit your needs and busy schedule.