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Due to the frequent use our couches, sofas, and recliners get, they need frequent cleaning and care. This doesn’t mean call a professional upholstery cleaner every week to maintain your furniture. However every few months to a year, professional upholstery cleaners are recommended. For those weekly cleanings there are a few rules and tips one should follow to prevent wear and tear of your upholsteries. Power Steam Carpet Cleaners will share some of those weekly cleaning tips that should be done to maintain your furniture and even extend its life with proper cleaning techniques.

Fabric Upholstery Cleaning Tips

Before you apply any cleaning agent on your fabric upholsteries you will always want to vacuum it thoroughly. Dirt and other particles can actually make some stains worse or even create new ones. Most will skip vacuuming their upholsteries because it looks clean enough. This is a mistake that should be avoided.

Read Sofa Cleaning Label

If you have a small or just a few stains that need a quick cleaning, make sure to read the tag of label on your upholstery. This is typically located in the rear or backside of your furniture. However that’s not always the norm. The tag will share the best cleaning agent to use to prevent discoloration and wear on the upholstery. Fabric upholstery can be made up of various different materials and blends. Not all are created the same way.

Use Distilled Water to Clean Upholstered Furniture

When using cleaning agents that require water to dilute it or you like using you own homemade cleaners because, after all, what doesn’t vinegar do? It is best to use distilled water. Tap water contains many minerals that can stain fabric. Often after you have cleaned with tap water a stain and a white ring appear. This is the left over mineral in the tap water; distilled water will prevent that white ring affect after you cleaned a stain. If you use a steamer for a deeper cleaning the same rule applies, use distilled water. If a steamer is used, don’t be mislead that hot water should be used. In most cases you should never use hot water but warm water on fabrics. Hot water has two affects one is shrinking and the other can even starch or loosen your fabric which again is not a desired affect for upholsteries.

Leather Upholstery Cleaning Tips

When first cleaning leather upholstery you will also want to vacuum or wipe away any particles or dirt off of it first. Unlike fabric you don’t always need the use of a vacuum since dirt doesn’t get stuck in leather. But you always want to clean off the surface first. When cleaning leather you don’t want to use too much water or soap or you can damage it. Sometimes leather can get marked up with markers, pens, paints and spills that can be easily wiped off with just water and liquid dish soap. However don’t over soak it and wipe the access water away and rinse it off again with water to fully remove the soap. Don’t use alcohol or vinegar on leather or you can dry it out and the leather will begin to crack and peel away. However time can also have the same affect. Therefore, use oil or leather conditioners weekly to maintain proper moisture content in the leather. Hot material and water should be kept away from the leather as well. The leather can be burned and damaged when exposed to extreme heat.

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Power Steam Carpet Cleaners hopes to help you maintain your upholsteries during the in-between professional cleanings. We encourage our customers to care for their furniture and use proper cleaning methods to extend the need for a professional cleaning and also the longevity of your upholstery. For all your carpet, upholstery and other floor cleaning needs, call Power Steam Carpet Cleaners today.


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